W.E. Krill, Jr. Licensed Professional Counselor

Welcome to this Healing Place


Many people are confused about the difference between "coaching" and "counseling". Basically, coaching is designed to help you identify and achieve life goals, and uses education and and encouragement. Though counseling does educate and encourage, its focus is more about identifying and solving psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems. Counselors are ethically able to coach, but coahes are not permitted to do counseling.

I offer coaching in areas of learning to deal with difficult, bullying, and personality diosrdered individuals that may be in your life, and issues of child discipline and parenting.

If you would like to engage my services as a coach on either of these areas, you may contact me by voice or text at (814) 932-7078, by email: [email protected], or through the "Gentling" Facebook page.

My coaching services are available in the USA to all English speaking clients. Coaching is delivered via telephone or the secure platform Doxy.me

The fee structure for my coaching services is $30 per each fifteen minute block, payable through Paypal.