W.E. Krill, Jr. Licensed Professional Counselor

Welcome to this Healing Place


I offer online and in-person coaching-education (webinars and individual, personalized coaching) for the following life challenges:

* People who have suffered or are currently suffering through a relationship with a difficult person, bully, or personality disordered individual.

*Couple or family discord; relationship repair.

*Parenting and child discipline issues.

*Couple enrichment.

*Spiritual direction and healing from spiritual wounds.

Coaching differs from clinical counseling in that it does not seek to analyze the source of life issues and work with deep psycho-social aspects, but focuses on offering education and support on a particular area of life function.

My coaching services are available worldwide to all English speaking clients. Coaching is delivered via telephone or the secure video platform

The fee for my webinas varies according to topic and length of webinar.

The fee structure for one-on-one private coaching services is $100 per 50 minute session.

To see any upcoming webinars, visit my professional Facebook page "Gentling".

To access a private session, call 814-932-7078, use the contact form on the website, or email: [email protected]